How Landcamp Works

We’ve never had a client ask for a refund because we include our clients in the design and development process, which means you get exactly what you want and need. We make sure you get what you want by following the landing page creation process outlined below.

You have the opportunity to give us feedback after the whiteboard sketch (Step 2), after the wireframe (Step 3), after the design (Step 4), and after inserting the page content (Step 6)–all before the page is launched to the world. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated account manager you can talk with anytime.

1. You answer 10 questions

Your answers help us understand the purpose of the landing page and develop persuasive content.

2. We convert your answers into a sketch

After purchasing a landing page, we sketch your landing page on the whiteboard to layout the content and create a basic design.

3. In 24 hours, we transform the sketch into a wireframe

A wireframe shows the basic elements of your landing page. In just 24 hours, we send you a wireframe to get your feedback and approval.

4. We turn the wireframe into a professional design

This is where you get to see what your landing page will look like. You give us feedback and approval.

5. We recreate the design in Instapage or Unbounce

Your landing page comes to life when we create it in Instapage or Unbounce, where the page will be hosted. We’re almost ready for launch!

6. We insert page content into the Instapage or Unbounce page

After inserting all the copywriting and content, the landing page is now ready for your final feedback and approval.

7. We add your analytics, domain, and lead capture form (if needed)

If you have an analytics account, domain, or a particular form system you want to use, now is when we set up all of that. Yee-haw!

8. Together, we publish your page to the world

Upon your approval, we’ll launch the page. Yippee! The landing page is fully functional and ready for a marketing campaign.