Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build ready-to-use landing pages or do you just create design files?

When we build you a landing page, it’s ready to use. You can immediately start sending traffic to your new page. We build and host landing pages with Instapage or Unbounce.

What Content Management Systems (CSMs) do you work with?

We only build pages in Instapage or Unbounce because these platforms enable us to be more efficient and create elite-grade designs at an affordable price.

Do you host the landing pages you build for clients?

Yes. We build and host client’s landing pages on Instapage or Unbounce. The cost of hosting is included in the Landing Page Plans.

Does 24-hour delivery of wireframes include weekends and holidays?

No, we promise 24-hour delivery of wireframes only on business days, Monday-Friday. When we receive a landing page order outside of business hours, we start the clock at the beginning of the next business day.

What happens if I want to stop using Landcamp?

How to Cancel Landcamp’s Services & Get My Landing Page Files:

If you want to stop using Landcamp to manage your landing pages, you cancel our services anytime. At your request, we’ll send you the Instapage or Unbounce files for your landing pages. These landing page files can be uploaded to another Instapage or Unbounce account. Just contact us for help.

Is there some way for me to talk with a human from Landcamp?

Sure thing! You can call, chat, or email us. Contact Us

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